Leash: How to Fix a Leash

Cats have long been believed to walk on their own. Meanwhile, many owners of purebred animals do not want to let their pets out on the street unattended and prefer to walk on a leash like dogs. Must adequately fasten the leash; otherwise, the cat does not want to walk.

Leas, it is necessary.

> Bridle;

> Leash;

> Cat.



Step 1

Do not use a collar to walk with your cat. First, do not like your pet. And secondly, the cat will ultimately run out of it, as he will never do what he does not like. So to buy a harness. Cat equipment is similar to that used on small dogs. They come in all shapes and sizes in pet stores, so you can always find the right one. Use the belt even to walk with big cats.

Step 2

Put the belt on the animal. It is better to do this at home, not yet going for a walk. The cat must get used to the new environment. The usual bridle is a ring and a few belts. The carabiner is attached to the ring. The circle size is adjustable. Please put it on the pet’s neck and turn it so that the carbine is on it. Then, the jumper connects the collar to the strap woven around the body on the chest. Set the length of the jumper.

Step 3

Place the cat’s right paw between the collar and the “belt”. The “belt” should cover the animal’s chest. Squeeze it under the left submitter. Fold all straps. Must not turn then. Check the collar so that it does not narrow at the neck, but at the same time, it is not too spacious.

Step 4

Let the cat walk around the belt before attaching the leash. She may be trying to remove something unusual for her. Get the animal used to the new state. If your cat is too nervous, try to keep it occupied. For example, you can play with it or pick it up and swipe it. Only take the reins when the animal learns to stroll in the reins. This can happen in a few days, so use your belt often.

Step 5

Take the reins when you see that the cat is used to a new object. As a rule, the reins are attached to a small carabineer that fits in the ring. Carabineers come in different designs. Traditional animal hooks are usually used to fasten the leash. It has a rotation that prevents the leash from spinning. Other types of carbines can also be used. In all cases, make sure it is tight.


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