Bambino cat

Bambino cat

Bambino cat; what are the breed origin, appearance standard, and color of Bambino cats? The nature of the animal and its health. Home care. Birth and raising of kittens. Bambino is an entirely original, slightly strange, extraordinarily comical, and almost alien-looking cat, more reminiscent of a funny guttapercha toy – either a dachshund, a kangaroo, … Read more

American Curl: Is the American Curl a mutation?

American Curl

American Curl, what is history? Breeding history, the official standard for the appearance of curls, peculiarities of the temperament of unusual cats, health, rules for keeping pets, and price of a kitten. Is the American Curl a mutation? By their temperament, representatives of this species are knowledgeable, well-bred animals; moreover, they are extremely curious and … Read more

Serengeti: What is the Serengeti famous for?


Serengeti; why is it famous in the world? History of Serengeti diversity, description of appearance standard, characteristics of cats’ temperament, pet health, rules on animal care, price of the kitten. According to gender standards. Only four color options are allowed: Spotted contrast (black spot tabby); Ghostly spot (black); Ethereal area (non-smoking); Brown tabby. Characteristic properties … Read more

Fold Cat: How to Name a Fold Cat

Name a Fold Cat

Scottish Folds are very original cats. Touching drooping ears and giant eyes give their faces a childish look. At the same time, the adult animal was distinguished by its dense shape, solid bones and silky soft wool. When choosing a name for a future Fold Cat, consider all the characteristics of unusual appearance, color and … Read more

British cat: How to Name a British Kitten Girl

British cat

The British cat is a large animal with robust bones and a massive trace. However, men have all these advantages to a greater extent. British cats are much more majestic creatures. These qualities should be considered when choosing the name of a girl kitten that you brought home. Instructions    .Step 1 If you are … Read more