Serengeti: What is the Serengeti famous for?

Serengeti; why is it famous in the world? History of Serengeti diversity, description of appearance standard, characteristics of cats’ temperament, pet health, rules on animal care, price of the kitten. According to gender standards.

Only four color options are allowed:

  • Spotted contrast (black spot tabby);
  • Ghostly spot (black);
  • Ethereal area (non-smoking);
  • Brown tabby.

Characteristic properties of Serengeti cats

For lovers of peace, representatives of this breed are unlikely to be suitable, these cats are not only friendly, and they can rightly be called chat. Once you have brought such a pet into the house, you should be prepared that your friend will mumble, linger, and make other sounds during the day; they have a great “vocabulary.” And because of the natural stubbornness of the cat’s Serengeti, it’s unlikely that you can silence her a bit, so live cat radio. Some cat owners are convinced that their unusual pet can speak literally, such as the word “mother” in the vowel.

These seals are, by nature, very active and mobile. Although there is not a single gene from wild animals in their genetic material, their fear is sometimes striking. They can stand by themselves, and it does not matter who their opponent is, even if a big dog will scare them. These pets have well-developed hunting skills, so owners of parrots and rodents should be concerned, as the cat’s coexistence with the Serengeti could likely end in disaster. But with another cat, Californian purr can become best friends; they can play together, think of each other and make a little prank.

Special affection for humans characterizes individual cats; they do not severely tolerate being alone. It can say of their animals that they are too many. Such a pet will follow you on the heels and require urgent attention. This downy one will happily punch in your lap or play with you. Because of his natural intelligence, you can teach these cats many tricks, but this is only possible if the animal does not pass. It is impossible to force the Serengeti cat to do what it does not desire.

Health Serengeti

In general, these cats have inherently gained quite good health and excellent natural immunity. As this species was born relatively recently, there is little or no evidence of hereditary diseases.

The only problem that Serengeti cats are susceptible to is urolithiasis. It is essential to know that this disease occurs almost three times more often in women than in cats.

Urolithiasis is a disease that does not show immediately. Tiny, insignificant stones in the kidneys will not offer a lot of symptoms. Usually, the infection starts at lightning speed. The general weakness of the animal increases in just a few minutes, and the strength goes away. But there are some warning signs that it is better to see a doctor immediately.

These include the following:

  • Your Serengeti may not relieve for a long time when you visit the tray repeatedly;
  • Urinary incontinence – This is usually manifested by your junkie partner snooping in any place that suits him;
  • The kitten Serengeti cat moans pitifully and licks the opening of the urethra.

If your furry friend looks healthy, strong, and active, you should not assume that he does not need veterinary visits – as he does. Timely vaccinations, regular medical check-ups, and nutritional balance are the key to your pet’s health and longevity.

The average lifespan of a Serengeti cat is 10–12 years.

To keep Serengeti cats.

Even though cats of this breed are very unusual and relatively rare, it is not complicated to take care of them. Serengeti cats will not demand anything from you, well, maybe a little food and your attention, and believe me. It will suffice them.

  • Space and leisure. Serengeti is a cat breed that has an incredible love of freedom and should, in no case, be too restrictive. These turns should have access to every corner of your apartment; they do not tolerate closed doors. Your pet will be pleased with walks in the fresh air. It is best to walk with him on a leash, which the cat should teach from an early age. It is not recommended to drop Serengeti for a walk alone. If you do not want to lose your friend, these cats can go quite far from home due to curiosity. Representatives of the Serengeti cat are fond of climbing all kinds of hills, so it is better not to store any delicate items in closets and refrigerators. Make sure that as soon as the cat finds them, he will desire to touch everything with his feet, and it is not even time for a picture or vase to fly down… It is also not advisable to leave electrical wires in places that are accessible to the animal. Of course, it will not get tangled in them, but it can easily bite through the wire, which is heavy with not the most fun consequences. Do not forget domestic plants, some of which can be toxic to the cat’s body. These include azalea, aloe, dieffenbachia, anthurium, begonia, jasmine gardenia, dracaena, ivy, boxwood, allamanda, and many others. Therefore, limiting the animal’s access to indoor plants is better. It will be better for both your cat and your green decorations. Serengeti cats love to rest in the bed with the master; this can be balls, toys with reels, all kinds of climbing equipment, and tunnels. A cat can be without this fun, but make sure he knows what to do with himself, but whether you like it is another matter. It can be balls, toys with reels, and all kinds of climbing equipment and tunnels. A cat can be without this fun, but make sure he knows what to do with himself, but whether you like it is another matter.
  • Hairdresser. “Fur” Serengeti cat does not need special care. For your cat to always look well-groomed and beautiful, it is enough to bathe him once every one and a half to two months. It is better to accustom the animal to this method, which pets of this breed do not like very much, from childhood, so you can at least slightly reduce the cat’s fear of water. In terms of combs, it will be enough for Serengeti wool to do it once or twice a week. During the period, it is better to increase the frequency of the operation up to once a day. These cats are susceptible to discomfort, including during combing. On this basis, they should choose a soft brush without sharp teeth or edges.
  • Ear treatment. It would help if you cleaned your cat’s Serengeti ears about twice a month, but remember that the frequency of hygiene procedures is very individual, as each person collects earwax in different amounts and at other times. It is recommended that you examine the ears of four of your friend’s feet every week and, when they get dirty, clean them with a cotton swab. As an adjuvant, it is better to choose products sold in veterinary medicine as the skin of Serengeti is very sensitive, and they may have allergic reactions to regular creams or liquid paraffin.
  • Eye care. For disinfection, wiping the pet’s eyes with cotton pads soaked in vegetable waste is necessary. I should do it at least once a week.
  • Ground teaching. Serengeti cats are brilliant and quickly understand what they want from them and show them the tray. And if you also use fluids to train cats on the toilet, then your chances of relieving your pet in the wrong place are zero.
  • Nutrition. Such cats do not go overboard with food. Still, you should not let them get carried away with unnecessary entertainment. Serengeti is very fond of eating, and the problem of being overweight is not alien to them. It is better to give a ready-made industrial premium or superfood feed as the main feed for such a pet. If you decide to give your homemade cat products, you should know that lean meat should be the main product in their diet, preferably veal, chicken, or turkey. In addition, the Serengeti cat can be fed fermented dairy products, cereals, chicken eggs, offal, and vegetables. In no case should you offer your catfish, milk, and food from your table, especially low-fat, salty and sweet foods? Their bodies are not adapted to digest this food.

Do not forget about vitamin supplements. All that is needed is that before you buy helpful supplements, you should show your vet your pet so that he chooses the medicines necessary for the animal and their dosage.


Purchase and price of a Serengeti kitten

Kittens of the Serengeti cat breed are a rare phenomenon in the country’s vastness; therefore, their cost is considerable. The starting price for a person who meets the type standard starts at 250 USD.


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