Scottish Cat: How to Name a Scottish Cat

The name given to the kitten must correspond to the pet’s temperament, appearance, and sex. The Scottish cat is cute and funny, but they behave like real nobles, so the name should reflect their dual nature.


Step 1Follow tradition when choosing a purebred Scottish cat name. Cattery where you get the kitten, will tell you which character it should start with. It depends on the litter. In addition, the full name of a cat with a pedigree will include the names of his ancestors. Their sound is also essential to keep in mind. If the origin of the pet does not impose restrictions on the choice of name, start with what you like.

  • Step 2

Give your kitten an actual Scottish name. If you’re thinking of what to call a cat, look at traditional names. In addition, each name has its meaning. For example, Eileen’s name means “blonde beauty”, Leslie means “Garden of Eden”, and Cameron says “grumbling” why not a name for a Scottish cat? In addition, you can choose the name of the pet’s character. If she stands out among others with a unique sweetness, you can give her the name Andrena, which means “beautiful”. And if the kitten is sweet, affectionate and friendly, you can call her Skye or the “dreamer”.

  • Step 3

Choose a nickname from male Scottish names. They also have their meaning. You can call Greg a scared kitten. He is “careful”. Give the brave kid the name Bernard, which means “fearless as a bear,” or Archibald, “genuine courage.” The nickname Graham will suit the grey cat, meaning “gravel”, or Stini – “stone”. If a kitten behaves vitally and commercially, call him Padraig. He is a “nobleman”. Because of “exotic”, all these names sound essential and noble. You can also choose a neutral expression, for example, Ramsey – “wild garlic”, Davy – “favorite”, forks – “helmet”.

Scottish Cat
Scottish Cat
  • Step 4

Use the map of Scotland to select a name from the geographical features of this country. It is unnecessary to mention the kitten Edinburgh, Glasgow or Loch Ness. You can find something more unique. For example, in the north of Scotland are the cities of Albster, Dunnett, Elfin, Albee and Thurso. They sound beautiful and are perfect for a male kitten. Cats also have some well-being, for example, Dalmally, Kilmory, Paisley or Shildaig. All names can be changed to a minor name.


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