Kao Mani cat: description of the species

Kao Mani cat; what is the origin? Historical information on the variety of Kao mani cats, appearance standards, health characteristics and pets, suggestions for the care and maintenance of the animal at home, price of a kitten. Khao Manee – You can find the name of this cat breed in the form of Khao Manee or Diamond Eye (that is, “diamond eye). These animals are native to Thailand, as well as their more famous “relatives”: Siamese and Thai cats, as well as representatives of Korat However, these pets have the characteristics that make them one of the most expensive cats in the world.

History of the origin of the Kao mani cat breed

This species is very ancient, and one can find the first mention of it in the poetry book of cats (Tamra Maew), which is from about 1350-1767 years. There, the name Khao Manee is translated as “white jewel” because of the white color of the animal’s fur. According to historical records, only royalty had the right to own and breed cats of this breed. And even though these beautiful specimens of the cat world have been known in Thai countries for a very long time, the breeders of the largest venereal disease organization in the world (TICA) received official registration only in the middle of 2009.

But back to the story. In Thailand, an unusual animal was called “Khao Plort,” “all white.” These cats cared for no less than members of the royal family and especially subjects. One fact is even known when the ruler of Siam, Rama V Chulalongkorn, was not only an ardent fan of these cats but also had eight unusual Kao Mani breed pets in his royal palace. And his son and daughter did their breeding and brought “king cats” to 40 pieces.

Towards the end of the 19th century, when representatives of French Indochina and the British Empire began to seek Siam, and His Majesty Rama V maintained almost friendly relations with the king of the Empire, Nicholas II, the ruler of Siam, decided to fake the whole conflict. Chulalongkorn V gave a “royal gift” by carrying some of his pets to the British Empire’s consul. However, these cats were not individuals of the Kao Mani species but simple old Siamese cats with coat-colored seals. After the consul returned to his homeland, the cats he brought were called “Royal Siam.” Understandably, the beast that no one saw immediately pounced, and the gesture of the ruler known as the Royal Buddha and the Great Beloved King of Siam strengthened the relationship between Siam and the British Empire.

Interestingly, after this incident, old-style Siamese cats were long considered the only breed is belonging to the royal family. But in reality, it was not like that. Cats of the Kao Mani breed were considered the owners of “royal status,” and the “Siamese,” due to a large number of their population in Thailand, acquired the value of the state property and the “visiting card” of the state.

For the first time, these rare Kao Mani cats were introduced to the United States at the end of the 20th century. Afterward, enthusiastic breeders began to strengthen the breed and popularize it. The genetic origin of this breed, which spanned many centuries, is almost impossible to trace; because of this, experts had to rely only on their experience and instincts. After research, it became known that an old Siamese cat could have kittens with snow-white fur and blue eyes or heterochromia when mating with a simple domestic spider cat. Such experimental robots lasted until 2001.

Description of the appearance of cats kao mani

The governance structure of this species is moderate. In height, such animals reach 25-30 cm, but the muscular size of a male can weigh 3.6-5 kg ​​​​and cats only 2.5-3.6 kg.

  • The head of a Kao Mani cat is elephant-shaped, and the length is medium to wide. The outline of the cheekbones is high and rounded; the cheeks look firm, not too prominent. When the male reaches venerable age, it is permissible for his cheeks to become whole. If we compare the leaves to the muzzle proportions, they look enlarged. The chin is broad and robust, with a slight depression. The stop is smooth, the outline of the bridge of the nose is general, and this part has a bulge. The front area is wide and flat.
  • Eyes in individuals of Khao mani are almond-shaped, their size is large, and they are located at an average distance. The color can be either blue or heterochromia. Usually, suppose such property is built into an animal. In that case, one eye has a blue tint, the other has a yellow color, and sometimes cats are found with green or gray. Representatives of the species have their name “diamond eye” because, in the light of the day, their eyes are distinguished by a “night glare.”
  • Ears King cats from Thailand are medium to large, their surface is covered with short hairs, and the ears are broad and precisely vertical.
  • The Kao mani cat’s body has an elongated outline, solid and muscular than the “brothers from the east.” The chest lines are broad and deep, the animal’s pelvis is rounded, and the back is kept straight.
  • Limbs have a solid and muscular shape; their length is medium. It distinguishes the Kao Mani cats from other representatives of the eastern cat species. The paw pads have an even pink tone without spotting—tail characterized by proportion and strength, very agile.
  • Wool in individuals of Khao mani is short and dense, soft to the touch. The hypodermis may be absent or poorly developed. The hair color is pure white; any shade or plaque is unacceptable.

Important! Newborn kittens may have a small spot on their head that will disappear over time. It happens around the time the pet reaches one year of age.

The character of a cat of the Kao Mani breed

Representatives of this species are distinguished by intelligence and are pretty curious. They love outdoor games and pay attention to their character. Cat Kao mani owners also note that the pet loves to “talk” and follow the chosen home right on the heels. These animals show friendliness even to strangers who have visited your home. They can safely share their habitat with other pets. They are very patient with children, as they spend a lot of time playing; even if the child has a painful hand, the claws will rarely come off, so this animal is perfect for people who have never owned a cat.

However, it is worth noting that Kao mani cats are exceptionally social; they cannot live without the company of other representatives of the feline world. So, suppose there are no other cats in the household after getting an individual of the Hao Mani breed. In that case, you will have to buy him a friend, or better, when a pair of kittens of this breed is acquired. Otherwise, manifestations of aggression, destructive behavior, and depression are possible.

Cat health Kao mani

Animals of this species live on average from 10 to 12 years. However, like many snow-white cats, they can have deafness in one or both ears. At the same time, the percentage of deaf blue-eyed cats can reach 35 units, so the breeder must provide documents on the health report of the intended kittens from this side. Due to various programs, the possibility of deafness is reduced as cats without this defect participate in the selection. However, it is not uncommon for representatives to have white ears and ear cancer.

The rest of the cats of the Kao Mani breed are characterized by endurance and excellent health. Nevertheless, owners must work on vaccinations and drive external and internal parasites. These drugs can be fatal, Drontal, azinox plus, or bronze; you can take similar drugs with the same effective combination.

To maintain health, it is also necessary to carry out comprehensive measures for 1-3 months twice a year when the animal’s body weakens (in autumn and spring). Some of the best vitamins are Anivital Feliimmun or Beafar Top 10, which can be given to the animal independently without a veterinarian’s prescription.


More damage to the animal will not cause a vitamin deficiency but a vitamin overdose. The dose should not be exceeded, even for the best. Since an adverse reaction to ultraviolet light characterizes cats with white hair, it is recommended to check often in the places that are not too dense with hair – around the ears and muzzle.

Kao Mani cat
Kao Mani cat

Tips for taking care of your cat Kao mani

  • A soft pet scrub brush is used to remove dying hair. If you do not want all the furniture in the house and clothes to be covered with snow-white cat hair, combing the hao mani cat every day is recommended. However, it must remember that due to the snow-white color, we must bathe such animals more often than other representatives of the cat world. Since the pet is expensive, it is not worth saving on care products. It is essential to choose quality products from well-known manufacturers across the globe. For example, Perfect Coat Shed Control & Hairball “producer” 8 in 1 “or” Gentle “from Agrovetsischita. Both products will help prevent excessive shedding, foam easily, and not irritate the animal’s skin. They usually bathe cats once every 3 months. Still, here you have to work more often, especially if your pet Kao mani goes outside for fresh air. After bathing, the cat is dried with a towel; it is not recommended to use a hair dryer as the skin dries out, and dandruff can start. During the drying period, must protect the animal from the effects of the draft.
  • Since Kao mani cats are the heirs of the Siamese, they can have problems with their teeth and mouth. To do this, you need to teach a kitten from childhood such a pleasant method as brushing its teeth. The owner wraps a soft cloth or bandage with a small amount of toothpaste on the finger and cleans gently. Good remedies are products from Beaphar, Trixie, or Hartz “Denta Shield.”
  • Like all cats, these “royal jewels” from Thailand need to have their eyes cleaned from time to time. Clean cotton pads are used, with unique products designed to clean the eyes. They can be Cliny C lotion (which contains silver ions) or SaniPet spray cream. You can do it with improvised means, such as solid tea leaves or chamomile extract. Without intense pressure on the discs, rub the eye from the outer corner to the inner corner. A separate cotton pad is used for each eye. If you notice that there is a discharge other than a crust with a light brown color, the pet needs to be shown to the veterinarian.
  • To avoid damaging the tympanic membrane of your Kao mani cat’s ear, it is better to use ear plugs designed for restrained children. You should soak the device in an ear cleaner. These include “AVZ Bars,” “Cliny,” or similar products.
  • Since representatives of the hao mani breed grow nails rather slowly, it is not worth cutting them off; teaching the pet to use feet is pretty enough. It is recommended to choose such devices in the form of a column covered with a special rope or fabric. You can find a piece of the tree trunk, set it up in the room, and then show the cat how to use it. To do this, put the cat’s front paws on the scratching post, and then nature itself will help to figure out what is what. If this does not happen, there are special drops that serve to attract the cat to such a necessary object. You can use a few drops of valerian infusion.
  • General suggestions. For the animal to feel comfortable, they immediately pick up a tray with high sides. Anyone can buy the filler based on their preferences. So that the pet does not get bored in the owner’s absence, at least three toys are bought for him, but you can also build thick branches or shelves on which the cat climbs and occupies itself in your absence. If the Kao mani cat started playing naughty: spoiling the furniture or wallpaper, going to the toilet past the tray, or gnawing the wire, citrus drops are used as a deterrent. Or you can buy particular medicines in veterinary stores, for example, Stop-Zone or Sani Pet Spray.
  • For Hao Mani cats, experts recommend choosing food from the premium line, for example, Arden Grange, 1st Choice, or similar food. But it is noticed that these animals can adapt to any diet, but only it will be well balanced and nutritious. It is also necessary to use mineral and vitamin complexes, as they may be lacking in unprofessionally prepared food. However, you should limit the products that directly affect the color of the coat: liver, beets, buckwheat, carrots, and the like.

It is also important to remember that some substandard foods can cause allergies, to which cats with white fur are more sensitive than others. Because of this, there is a large discharge of tears, after which bacteria quickly appear and only then conjunctivitis. At the same time, the beautiful color of the fur on the muzzle changes completely, as it is constantly moistened with the animal’s tears.

Curious facts about Kao m ani

You can hear or read that they found a kitten Kao mani on the street, especially the owner of blue eyes or different colors, and did not even suspect that they were expensive pets. According to 2015, breeders breeding pets of this breed are found only in some states of the United States, in French or Slovenian countries, or Thailand. Only one of the British breeders started breeding hao mani. Therefore, one should not think such a rare animal could “get lost” somewhere on the outskirts or in other cities. There are many cats with white hair color and blue or multi-colored eyes on the earth, and their number can reach hundreds of thousands. Therefore, ordinary people who are not too familiar with the intricacies of this variety confuse the Diamond Eye cat with other similar ones.

The main difference between Kao Mani individuals is that their eyes have a very unusual glow in the daylight. There are also features in the genetic structure that determines this species ideally. It is important to note that in Thailand, cats of the Hao Mani breed are in danger of extinction. Their number hardly reaches hundreds of specimens, and most high-quality individuals have already mixed with their “street relatives.”

Price of Kao mani kittens

Representatives of this species are among the most expensive. Animals with different eye colors are precious, as they are believed to bring good luck. The price of a pedigree kitten can reach 1000 USD, and the minimum cost varies between 1200-1500 USD.


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